The Importance Of Equipment Maintenance In Health Care Environments

Equipment Maintenance Software - PERFEQTA

Equipment management is, fundamentally, the process of monitoring, managing, and maintaining assets and non-motorized equipment. Equipment management is a necessary process to maintain the safety, reliability, and availability of integral equipment. Proper implementation of equipment management delivers added benefits of extending the useful life of equipment as well as maximizing its effectiveness.

Proper Equipment Maintenance Is Fundamental To Operational Success.

  • It enables faster response to diagnostic facility demands.
  • It improves the patient experience by increasing access and maximizing use.
  • It serves a significant role in modern medical procedures and surgeries.
  • It is integral to human life for those dependent on it.
  • It is necessary to perform intensive medical investigations.
  • It adapts to demands, logistics and optimal use when properly maintained.

PERFEQTA’s healthcare workflow solutions transform equipment management and from a manual process and into a digitized and managed tool where hospitals, clinics and other business, medical businesses need the benefits of managing logistics, calibration and maintenance in real time. There are significant advantages to moving away from outdated methods of equipment management and into PERFEQTA.

PERFEQTA is designed to help reduce equipment management costs by 50% while providing 100% of the necessary automation and data collection. The platform performs automated scheduling and has alert features to ensure compliance, reporting, task setting and more, all with any-time visibility.

As A User, PERFEQTA Makes It Possible To:

  • Access data quickly and easily.
  • Logistically manage equipment from any location.
  • Access data from any location.
  • Complete and easily access a history of events.
  • Connect equipment tasks to CAPA, SCAR, and other deviation apps.
  • Expand equipment management capabilities across all departments and locations.
  • Optimize the use of medical equipment and devices to gain process efficiency.

It is the responsibility of equipment managers to have continuous oversight and responsibility for ensuring safety and effective equipment performance. PERFEQTA makes this possible.

Organizations looking to maximize resource allocation, eliminate excess work, ensure efficient workflow process, improve turnaround time and gain tangible and intangible business benefits, should explore PERFEQTA.

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