Capturing Data Electronically in Clinical Research with PERFEQTA

Why PERFEQTA? - Quality is in PERFEQTA's DNA

It seems as though every week we are coming up with a new use for our fully flexible SaaS platform, PERFEQTA. Perhaps, I will have to start a blog just to keep track of the multiple uses for this dynamic software our team has created. Would you read if I did?

Anyway, today I briefly want to share the latest use for PERFEQTA, electronic data capture for clinical research. As a 21 CFR Part 11 compliant system with complete audit tracking capabilities regarding user interaction, data input, and procedure changes within applications, PERFEQTA provides research organizations an ideal platform with which to trend data and understand results in real-time.

With PERFEQTA, CRO’s (Clinical Research Organizations) are able to quickly change procedures and augment the system without the help of a developer so as to ensure that SOP’s are adhered to throughout the process. Add to that, the fact that our system allows admins to define logic, thresholds, and create alerts for any procedure or data point and now your organization truly has full control over the entire developmental and trial phases.

Recently we have adopted a motto of asking potential clients for PERFEQTA to challenge us with regard to uses for the system. I am excited to continue learning of new ways organizations involved in all industries can use our system to increase efficiency, gain insight, and implement procedures within their business.

Maybe you should see what PERFEQTA can do for you?

Originally posted to LinkedIn on November 28, 2016 – To view original post click here

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