Proactive Equipment Management for highest level of compliance

Simplify equipment maintenance, calibration, inventory and scheduling for optimal equipment operation and asset health with PERFEQTA’s data-driven and fully integrated solution.

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Trusted by Regulated Organizations

Increase production capacity by 15%

Streamline technician workflows and extend the life of your equipment.

Lower operations and maintenance costs

Avoid last-minute restocks and reduce unexpected breakdowns and downtime by 30%.

Deliver operational excellence

Digitize your procedures, eliminate errors, and get real-time insights and alerts.

“Data-Driven Equipment Management”

Reduce errors, extend lifetime, reduce costs, and ensure compliance effortlessly with PERFEQTA’s equipment management software. PERFEQTA is compliant with FDA, GMP/ GAMP, ISO 9001, and 21 CFR Part 11. Replace your stand-alone equipment calibration and maintenance paperwork or program for asset tracking, equipment maintenance, inventory management, asset management with flexible, compliant, and connected equipment management system that spans the entire life cycle of your equipment.

PERFEQTA is the ultimate solution for businesses looking to optimize their equipment management processes. Our software provides a comprehensive set of tools to streamline and automate all aspects of equipment management and all related tasks (inventory, downtime, uptime, maintenance, calibration, servicing, and problem logging,) making it easier than ever to track, monitor, and improve equipment performance.

Maintenance software built for efficiency

always be inspection-Ready

  • Meet compliance standards with preventive maintenance measures and routine audits.
  • Never overlook maintenance or qc needs again with perfeqta’s recurring service and qc scheduling.
  • Automate scheduling and alerts for preventive maintenance and daily inspections.
  • Connect all maintenance, inspection, and QC records to pieces of equipment.

Monitor and analyze in Real-time

  • Get instant alerts for idling, warnings, engine faults, and battery level to keep your fleet safe and running. 
  • Access real-time maintenance reporting and relevant data across all devices.
  • Establish acceptance criteria and anticipate problems before they occur with PERFEQTA’s condition monitoring and alert features.
  • State of the art reporting and analytics with real-time dashboards to share.

Eliminate paper and get fully Integrated

  • Replace every equipment paper log or form regardless of manufacture or procedure type.
  • Enter data once or get it from your devices, instruments or other softwares; ERP, EMR, BECS, LIMS, or any database using PERFEQTA Integration Module.
  • Transfer data and results to other software and databases via our real-time API, web-hooks and plugins.
  • Receive fault codes instantly to prevent breakdowns and keep assets functioning at peak performance.

Customizable Workflows for Maximum Efficiency

  • Customize your own workflow to fit any instrument or asset requirement and maintenance schedule.
  • Manage the approval workflow between team members based on role and escalation level.
  • Initiate conditional tasks based on equipment status, usage, error codes or condition; maintenance request, problem log, CAPA, or non-conformance.
  • Receive fault codes instantly to prevent breakdowns and keep assets functioning at peak performance.

Key Features

Lifecycle Reports

View the cost history, upcoming maintenance, and repair schedule of all your assets in one place. 

Equipment Lifecycle Tracking

Follow the lifecycle of your assets from the moment of purchase, ensuring you have the latest information and insights into how they should be performing.

100% Electronic Logs

Promote smooth operation and accountability with electronic log of QC and service history.  

Preventive Maintenance Schedules

Schedule a regular maintenance cadence to ensure QC, calibration and maintenance tasks are made on time.

Stay compliant, increase equipment uptime and productivity, extend asset life, reduce maintenance and labor costs with actionable insights provided by PERFEQTA software.