Achieve Excellence in Environment, Health, and Safety (EHS) Management!

PERFEQTA is designed to help you stay ahead of regulatory requirements and ensure that your workplace is safe for your employees.

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Streamlined EHS management

  • PERFEQTA provides a centralized platform for managing EHS-related activities, including incident management, compliance tracking, risk assessments, and audits.
  • This streamlines the process and ensures that all stakeholders have access to the same information. 

Improved compliance

  • Compliance with EHS regulations is critical for organizations to avoid legal and financial penalties.
  • PERFEQTA helps organizations stay compliant by providing real-time tracking and reporting of compliance-related activities.

Enhanced data management

  • PERFEQTA offers a robust data management system that allows organizations to collect, store, and analyze EHS-related data.
  • This can help identify trends and areas for improvement, leading to better decision-making.

Increased efficiency

  • With PERFEQTA, organizations can automate many EHS-related tasks, such as incident reporting and corrective action tracking.
  • This saves time and reduces the risk of errors.

Better risk management

  • PERFEQTA provides tools for identifying and assessing EHS-related risks, allowing organizations to take proactive measures to mitigate them.

Improved communication and collaboration

  • PERFEQTA allows for better communication and collaboration between EHS stakeholders, including employees, management, and regulators.
  • This can lead to improved decision-making and a more coordinated approach to EHS management.   

Connect Quickly With Other Systems

  • Our software is designed with user experience in mind, with an intuitive interface and user-friendly design that makes it easy for anyone to use. 

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Robust compliance management

PERFEQTA helps you manage your compliance activities across all regulatory requirements, including OSHA, EPA, and more.

Risk assessment and management

PERFEQTA helps you identify and assess potential risks, develop risk mitigation strategies, and monitor progress towards risk reduction goals.

Incident management

Our software allows you to track incidents and near-misses, identify root causes, and implement corrective actions to prevent future occurrences.

Reporting and analytics

Our software gives you the ability to generate custom reports and dashboards, allowing you to analyze trends and identify areas for improvement.


With PERFEQTA’s EHS management software, you can streamline your compliance processes and gain better visibility into potential risks.