Automating Processes in Blood Operations Saves More Than Money

It should come as no surprise, especially to those who work in the blood operations, that blood centers and hospitals that accept blood donations, are under immense regulatory scrutiny and an ever-present requirement to ensure quality in their operations.  

When these organizations say “A matter of life and death” they are making the statement in the purest and most inherent form. What many, who operate businesses or organizations outside of this life-saving industry don’t understand is the super tight budgets and an increasing amount of forecasting that goes into planning these budgets are required by the heads of departments across the entire operation. In a world, increasingly dependent on data and how to best understand and apply it, the blood center is in the unenviable position of having to work through an overwhelming number of procedures, mostly documented on paper, while still needing to find ways to increase efficiency, always maintaining quality at the highest level.  

Enter automation and data mining……  

There are several products available both software and hardware-based that can help automate business processes in the blood center and other industries. Where a large number of providers fail is in their understanding of the specific needs of the blood center. While our newest offering isn’t specifically designed for blood centers, our background is specific to the industry. We have built technologically advanced software for the blood center for 10 years, including the first Quality Control software for blood products EVER.  

In a day and age where knowing your clients, and more importantly, listening to them is essential to the success of any company, Sigma Blood Systems is continually dedicated to providing authentic solutions that add value by engineering products that can be used across the entire center. Our new software, PERFEQTA isn’t just about Quality Management, this solution can be used to manage equipment, schedule competency assessments, administer Adverse Donor Reaction surveys, manage non-conformances, and so much more. It is truly one platform to manage operations! All of this comes with an easy to understand reporting dashboard that allows the user to identify trends specific to their area of the blood center.  

Data = Knowledge and Knowledge = Power! More directly, the power to effect changes that save time, money, and LIVES!  

So, as you focus on ways to save money, increase efficiency, and most importantly save lives, think about working with a company that is dedicated to being a partner in that mission, today, tomorrow, and decades into the future.  

Originally posted to LinkedIn on December 14, 2016 – To view original post click here

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