Digital Transformation’s Important Role in Defending Against COVID-19

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Among the many things the COVID-19 pandemic exposed are the limitations of what, until now, has been almost exclusively a face-to-face model of patient care.

Early during the pandemic, the challenges of protecting patients and essential workers while concurrently managing healthcare needs of individuals and the chronically ill proved itself perilous and exhausting. It didn’t take long to realize the move to a technology-based patient model for non-emergent care was a necessity. As health care pivoted so too were businesses of all shapes and sizes, including heavily regulated industries like pharma, med device and manufacturing.

The desperation of a pandemic unveiled just how quick organizational transformation could take place by adopting readily available digital technologies and combining them with the speed of intent.

The adoption of digital technologies like artificial intelligence, process automation, compliance management and robust solutions like PERFEQTA, enabled health care organizations to meet unforeseen demands in record time while under intense daily operational pressures. They persevered, adapted and succeeded.  

It is largely believed that the traditional model of health care delivery is now permanently replaced with a hybrid approach of patient-facing care blended with the digital transformation. Organizations that recognize the imperative for leveraging and integrating digital solutions to improve operations, remove barriers and ensure compliance will be better positioned now and for the future.

PERFEQTA’s role in defending against COVID-19

PERFEQTA helps organizations of all sizes leverage digital transformation to meet operational, compliance, performance management and quality assurance requirements without demanding the business change the fundamental way it works.  

Highly-regulated organizations such as hospitalslaboratories, pharmaceutical companies, medical device businesses and more, find PERFEQTA to be the ideal tool for digital transformation. PERFEQTA’s affordability model and FDA, HIPAA, CLIA, ISO and GxP compliant architecture are among the many compelling benefits that ease and speed adoption.  

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