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Regulated industries face reporting and compliance issues regularly. As products, technologies and market demand changes, so do oversight requirements by governing bodies like the FDA, ISO, HIPAA and other regulatory bodies. Adaptability and speed at which a company, brand or organization can pivot is critical to their long-term success and viability. That is at the very root of why regulated industries today must eliminate the use of paper-based processes and reporting, and replace them with ready solutions to simplify, connect and transform how data collection is entered, shared and used.

How A Transformative Platform Solves Big Problems.

PERFEQTA is a transformative low-code, cloud-based software platform designed specifically for regulated industries. It offers over 3000 pre-built templates that are fully customizable and enable any organization to completely transform their workflows and reporting in weeks (versus months or years). In the case where organizations already have systems in place, PERFEQTA makes it possible to adapt any manual process that remains and convert them digitally to become seamlessly actionable.

PERFEQTA‘s innovative approach delivers teams the ability to use the system to reflect exactly how a business operates, without writing a single line of code. Start from scratch to mirror the forms and protocols you currently work with, or use templates other businesses in your industry use to meet the same compliance and protocol demands you have. Either way, PERFEQTA solves common communication and process management problems, reduces the risk of audits, errors and omissions, and improves the speed and scale of operational performance.

Below are fundamentals to successfully adopting digital transformation, of which PERFEQTA has perfected:

  • Digital workflow
  • Quality based approach
  • Robust security
  • Affordability
  • Easy and quick system adoption

PERFEQTA makes it possible for an organization to digitize data collection, make informed decisions to promote customer growth, improve the customer and employee experience, increase market share, and assure compliance with regulatory standards.

Looking for guidance on how to leverage PERFEQTA for your organization? Start here:

Mitigating Risk Starts With PERFEQTA

  • Access related SOPs for all types of incidents
  • Replace manual forms with accurate, automated solutions
  • Easily update and manage risk factors
  • Reduce errors and training time
  • Set and run automated risk audits
  • Alert users of impending tasks
  • Increase safety and assure compliance

Adapt To The Next Digital Era

The benefits of the next digital era seem endless, but there are challenges in adopting the technologies that will enable it to materialize, such as AI, machine learning, and deep learning.

The COVID-19 pandemic brought about significant changes around the world, serving as a stimulating force and urgent move into digital transformation for a broad swath of regulated industries, including healthcare, pharmaceutical, manufacturing and more.

The Takeaway

Risk is a part of business. Under FDA, GMP ISO 9001, and 21 CFR Part II, it is critical to have systems in place to mitigate risk and plan for events before they even occur.

Organizations like One Blood, Avera, Life Serve, vitalant, and Hoxworth Blood Center and others use PERFEQTA  to record issues, out of control events, and reportable incidents to their respective regulatory standards body.

The use of artificial intelligence, powered workflows and business intelligence made possible through PERFEQTA provides an actionable and efficient method to reduce risk factors and manage them effectively when incidents occur, all while remaining compliant.

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