Why You Need To Ditch Paper-Based Processes

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Paper is a terrible thing to waste. Fortunately, it’s easier now than ever to ditch paper-based processes, cutting costs and streamlining workflows as you do so. Many powerful software platforms can now track and store digital records and present forms and paperwork via a screen. Even where paper has long held sway, such as when signing contracts, you can now use digital alternatives.

Properly harvested paper is among the more sustainable materials available. Even so, it’s still costly, and using paper when it’s not needed can harm the environment. Trees must be cut down to make paper and while many trees are sustainably harvested, the process of converting wood into paper produces carbon and pollution. Shipping paper across the country and storing it also results in greenhouse gases and pollution.

By reducing reliance on paper and cutting waste, you may improve your environmental footprint. At the same time, you can save money. Paper alone costs money, yes, and so too does ink. Besides the supplies themselves, you also have to order and maintain stock. Should the printer jam, it might disrupt vital business processes as employees struggle to print needed documents. And paying someone to fix your printer can set you back quite a bit.

Organizing and storing paper is difficult as well. If you rely on paper records, you’ll need to set up a filing system, which takes up space. You may also have to control the facility’s climate to protect the paper. And if the paper contains sensitive information, such as patient health records, you need to secure that info.

Paper is fragile too and a spilled cup of coffee could result in ruined paperwork. Even outside of accidents, if a piece of paper gets lost in the shuffle, it could disrupt workflows and hold up projects. For example, a manager may miss a form they need to sign or you may lack needed paperwork to meet regulatory guidelines and submit documentation.

  1. The Benefits of Paperless and Paper-Lite Workflows

Quite simply, paper is a burden. By switching to a paperless system, you can reduce waste and potentially improve your environmental footprint. With software solutions, you don’t have to send paper across town or the country. Often, you can share needed documentation the world over with a click of a button.

With a paperless system, you no longer have to chase around documents either. Need a form signed? The decision-maker in question can sign off via a smartphone or computer. There’s little risk of forms getting buried and relevant stakeholders can quickly access the documentation.

Where ever sensitive information resides, security is a concern. With both paper and digital systems, organizations must take security seriously. At PERFEQTA, we leverage the latest security protocols and tools to mitigate cybersecurity risks. Further, while paper records could quickly end up destroyed in a flood, fire, or another event, with digital records, making secure and safe backups is easy.

Add it all up and ditching paper when and where possible is the right move.

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