What Is Citizen Development And How Can Companies Benefit From It?

What Is Citizen Development And How Can Companies Benefit From It?

What Is Citizen Development And How Can Companies Benefit From It?

Technology is a powerful tool. That said, tech can also create bottlenecks if team members don’t know how to use or build software solutions. In addition, finding the right talent to build and maintain complicated tech platforms with IT workers in high demand is difficult. Fortunately, citizen developers can help.

Citizen development encourages non-tech employees to become software developers by utilizing low code or no-code solutions that don’t require extensive tech training. This way, less technologically inclined people can use the systems and create solutions. 

The result? Citizen developers may not possess advanced programming and coding skills but can build software solutions that deliver operational efficiency. Amid a tight labor market, these citizen developers reduce reliance on expensive tech talent while delivering tools uniquely fitted for an organization’s operations.

Why Organizations Need Citizen Developers

Before the emergence of low code/no code (LCNC) solutions and citizen development, many organizations relied on over-burdened IT departments or expensive contractors to build and modify software solutions.

If someone outside of the IT department requested that a feature be added or modified, it often took months to implement. Sometimes, requests were denied or forgotten. Meanwhile, the organization soldiered on, perhaps missing out on efficiency improvements.

Citizen development and LCNC solutions have upended this status quo, enabling non-tech folks to build and modify programs without relying on IT staff. Vitally, this increases flexibility and agility, allowing companies to develop and implement solutions quickly.

How Organizations Benefit From LCNC Platforms

IT departments put in a tremendous amount of work and offer immense contributions to organizations. Regardless, many companies lack the tech talent needed to accomplish their ambitions. Further, IT workers often don’t have as much experience in business processes as other employees. This disconnect creates bottlenecks and can reduce the effectiveness of developed solutions.

With LCNC tools, IT departments aren’t eliminated. If anything, offloading burdens can free them to work on higher-value projects. In the long run, citizen development may increase the overall value an IT department offers to an organization.

Besides being cost-effective, LCNC solutions designed by those employees with the most on-the-ground experience can dramatically increase productivity and improve efficiency. Often, non-IT staff best understand how specific processes work or what tools would make the most difference day in and day out.

LCNC solutions also increase responsiveness, which is vital given how competitive markets are. Fortunately, low-code and no-code solutions afford organizations an edge. So while competitors wait for their IT departments to catch up, your company can forge ahead with tools developed by citizen developers.

Why Low Code/No Code Platforms Are Essential

Organizations need low code/no-code tools and solutions for citizen development to work. These platforms offer users methods for building and modifying processes and tools without advanced coding knowledge. The easier a tool is to use, the more non-tech people can contribute.

How We Can Help

PERFEQTA enables citizen developers to develop software without necessitating advanced coding knowledge. Indeed, many of PERFEQTA’s solutions require no coding at all but still allow users to build Business Intelligence tools and design Quality Control Management Systems that meet strict regulatory requirements. So reach out today to schedule a demo and learn more about our software can revolutionize the way you work. 

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