The Benefits of Real-Time Reporting and AI-Powered Business Intelligence

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In the Age of Knowledge, data and artificial intelligence offer power. Many of today’s most competitive companies rely on data to make decisions and hone business processes. Companies can leverage data-driven AI too to automate many processes. And with real-time reporting, you can use data as it comes in, combining it with AI to make your company more nimble and responsive.

From the CEO on down, employees make decisions day in and day out that impact their business. At every level, making the right decisions can produce profits and increase competitiveness. Over time, sound decision-making can increase productivity and ease burdens on employees. Yet making the right decisions is easier said than done.

Fortunately, business leaders can now use data, artificial intelligence, and insightful reports to make informed choices. And often, the data and reports provided are based on real-time information, meaning that organizations can react as situations develop rather than digesting old data to predict unfolding developments.

  1. Using AI and Business Intelligence to Excel in a Fast-Changing World

Markets and circumstances can change in the blink of an eye and often organizations must contend with and respond to rapidly evolving situations.

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, for example, shortages hampered manufacturing companies’ production and operations. Hospitals, meanwhile, struggled with labor shortages, constrained PPE supplies, and other challenges. Hundreds of thousands of businesses shut their doors due to the pandemic, and at times, hospitals were strained so mightily that some patients were denied access to proper care.

Take away the pandemic and companies must still contend with quickly evolving circumstances and tough competition. By using real-time reporting, companies can gain a better grasp of where they stand right now. And they can compare today to yesterday and prepare for tomorrow.

Consider blood supplies. For hospitals and other medical organizations, managing blood supplies is both crucial and difficult. Any hiccups in the system or supply shortages could adversely affect patient outcomes. And expiry dates and improper storage, among other things, can ruin supplies and create shortages.

Many medical organizations go to great lengths to field responsive blood supply programs that can ensure patient wellbeing. Yet there are so many moving parts that it’s exceptionally difficult to manually track and manage a large blood supply program.

Entire real-time reporting. With real-time reporting, you can track where your blood supplies are right now. You can match supply with demand and discover potential shortages before they unfold. If donor blood is approaching its expiration date, you can track it and put it to use as needed before that date passes.

Still, even the best decision-makers can’t digest every bit of data at once, and managing micro-decisions can quickly overwhelm even the most dedicated of folks. Fortunately, powerful AI tools can now be used to analyze data in real-time. The AI tools can then flag decision-makers of potential challenges and opportunities. Properly set up, AI can even allocate resources and improve processes without human intervention.

Sounds like a dream? Gathering and analyzing data, generating reports, and setting up effective AI systems from scratch is difficult. Fortunately, PERFEQTA has already done the hard work for you. You can leverage not only our pre-built tools via an easy-to-use software platform, but you can also put our wizened AI to work while enjoying real-time reporting and business intelligence.

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