How Automation Can Streamline Your Work

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In a world increasingly empowered by software platforms and artificial intelligence, automation has emerged as a key resource for many businesses. Those companies that can most effectively use automation to streamline workflows and business processes may increase efficiency and even carve out competitive advantages. Those companies that fail to fully leverage automation run the risk of falling behind the competition.

Streamlining Your Tasks

Think about all the little tasks performed each day. Meetings to schedule and attend, invoices to send and pay, contracts that need signing, and forms to fill out, among many other tasks. Beset by a thousand paper cuts, many employees spend several hours each week completing menial tasks. Through automation, it’s possible to streamline not simply your daily work, but entire business processes.

Automation tools can schedule meetings and send out invites, for example. They can also send forms and deliverables to the right decision-makers, who in turn can use digital signatures to reject or approve. Automated solutions can not only send invoices but also track who has and hasn’t paid. If your company has bills to pay, an automated platform can keep you on track and in the know.

Managing a project can feel like herding cats. Project managers need to keep an eye on any given project every step of the way. Traditionally, managers had to manually assign, approve, and reassign work to different team members. Along the way, stakeholders may have had to manage digital assets, maintain version control, and ensure that relevant parties could access needed resources. If a project manager or team member got tied up, it could have slowed down work for entire teams.

Simplifying Project Management

By using an automation platform, it’s possible to simplify project management and various other processes. For example, after a team leader approves a milestone, the system could send the needed assets to the next team member. The system could also notify workers of approaching deadlines and unfinished tasks. Rather than chasing decision-makers around to get needed sign-offs, everything can be consolidated and approvals can be made in seconds. Ultimately, automation helps everyone stay on task and on top of their work.

Sometimes, automation gets a bad rap as folks fear lost jobs. Rather than replacing employees, however, automation reduces tedious tasks so employees can focus on higher-value tasks, putting their skills and knowledge to effective use. A 2021 office workplace survey found that 67 percent of global office workers were overwhelmed with repetitive tasks and nearly 60 percent felt their jobs didn’t allow them to fully tap into their creative potential. Automation can help employees unleash their creative potential.

Low-Code and No-Code Platforms Make Automation Easy

The time to automate is now. McKinsey and Company have found that 66 percent of companies in 2020 were actively working to automate business processes with 15 percent scaling automation processes across multiple parts of the business. Meanwhile, 30 percent of businesses have not engaged with automation, putting them at risk of losing ground to competitors.

Many companies that want to embrace automation are hesitant to do so. In the past, automation itself could be quite a hassle. A company might need to hire programmers, data scientists, and others to automate business processes. Then, non-tech employees need to learn how to use the system. Complicated automation platforms might discourage uptake, and if non-tech employees struggle with the system, they could overwhelm the IT department with questions and troubleshooting.

Now, no-code and low-code solutions allow companies to automate various processes without needing to staff large IT and data teams. You can use systems that out-of-the-box feature hundreds or even thousands of ready-to-use solutions. Rather than first building up an IT team and then spending months automating processes, you can begin automating processes from day 1, even with a small IT team.

How We Can Help!

PERFEQTA offers over 3,000 already-built manufacturing, business, quality control, and regulatory solutions, meaning you can automate processes quickly and easily. Just as importantly, the entire PERFEQTA platform has been designed from the basic code up with ease of use in mind. This allows for automating various tasks and streamlining work so they can focus on higher-value contributions. Want to learn more? Contact us today

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