How a No-Code Solution Like PERFEQTA Helps Address COVID-19 Staffing Shortages

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The team’s short-staffed. A lot of folks are working overtime, trying to get projects completed. Other projects are simply on hold and you’re sorting through job applicants, endeavoring to find the right fit. Unfortunately, filling your needs may prove easier said than done. Through smart and savvy automation and with other software solutions, however, you can boost productivity, reduce time spent on menial tasks, and cut down on paperwork/red tape, ultimately putting your team in a position to excel.

Following the COVID-19 pandemic, employees have been in short supply. Hiring tech and programming staff has been a challenge for years. Now, tech talent is even harder and more expensive to find. This has made it more difficult for many companies to build out robust technology and automation tools in-house.

In highly regulated industries, such as healthcare, strict protocols and regulations make finding talent and building tech solutions even more difficult. As a result, a lot of organizations are stuck on paper, doing things the old way, which often takes time and requires excessive manual work.

Even those companies who already built or implemented a powerful tech and automation platform may face staffing shortfalls. After a platform is in place, you might lack the talent on your IT team to troubleshoot and train new users, let alone add new features and capabilities. The result: bottlenecks.

Fortunately, no-code and low-code automation/productivity enhancement solutions now allow you to build platforms with no programming or tech experience required.

Building Powerful Tech Platforms Sans Programmer Talent

No-code automation and productivity enhancement solutions allow you to automate processes, reduce paperwork, and otherwise cut time wasted on menial tasks, without needing programmers. No-code solutions enable you to drag and drop new features and to design tech solutions; no messy coding is necessary.

With no-code solutions, it’s possible to build robust tech suites in a fraction of the time it’d take a talented programmer to design, build, and test a similar solution. If a team member is struggling to use a feature or to customize the platform to their needs, rather than creating a ticket with the IT department, they can often ask their coworkers for help or serve themselves.

Solutions Built By You, For You

Those folks most familiar with work on the ground are frequently in the best position to design effective, efficient productivity solutions. Traditionally, however, it’s been difficult for staff working in healthcare, logistics, and various other fields to build productivity tools because they lacked the necessary programming skills.

With no-code solutions, a lack of tech talent is no longer an insurmountable hindrance. Folks with experience in the field can leverage their deep industry/job-related knowledge to build solutions specific to their needs. Building a solution may require little more than dragging and dropping features. Thus, workers who know the challenges inside and out can design solutions that fit the reality in the workplace.

Often, team members using these solutions don’t even need to adjust their workflow and process to fit the automation and productivity enhancement solution. Instead, you can tweak the solution to work with your team and established processes.

As a result, PERFEQTA can walk with your employees hand-in-hand every step of the way. This helps ensure things are done correctly, on time, and up to your standards without missing information or inputs.

Software and automation solutions may not solve all of your staffing shortages. However, the right tools can help your team stretch further by reducing menial tasks. This allows your staff to focus on higher value-added areas of work. Got any questions? Contact us today

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