Quality is in PERFEQTA’s DNA

As we are preparing to speak at the Southeastern Area Blood Bankers Conference in Atlanta and the ISO World Conference in Nashville, it has become apparent how incredible a software PERFEQTA is. Our software isn’t just about Quality Management. This solution can be used to manage equipment, schedule competency assessments, administer surveys, manage nonconformances, and so much more. It is truly one platform to manage any asset as well as automate workflows, and processes in any industry! All of this comes with an easy to understand reporting dashboard that allows the user to identify trends specific to their area of the company – visualized through our complete reporting module built into the system.

Our continued work with MD Anderson has served to help evolve PERFEQTA to the complete business process management solution that it has become. The hospital has consolidated 3 software modules to one platform in PERFEQTA saving serious capital investment along with increasing efficiency and reducing time associated with QC and data entry tasks. Practically speaking, MD Anderson’s move to PERFEQTA has saved them time and money, while allowing their lab technicians and management team to focus on the things they really enjoy, like eradicating cancer! Early estimates appear to indicate a nearly 70% increase in efficiency, as it relates to the performance of the tasks being managed by PERFEQTA. While it’s true that PERFEQTA is completely customizable to fit any organization, it isn’t a custom developed software. The team at Anderson will tell you this: they collaborated to be the baseline for a new product, and what a product PERFEQTA is! From completely customizable and flexible reporting tools, to the ability to initiate apps based on logic driven procedural conditions within other apps, PERFEQTA turns business process management on its head by putting the power in the user’s hands through a model termed codeless application development.

We want to make your company the leader in your industry and we will continue to innovate technologies aimed at making us all better in our endeavors. So, as you are looking for solutions to save money, increase efficiency, and meeting all of your company’s requirements, remember that working with a company that is dedicated to creating a software that meets your needs, today, tomorrow, and decades into the future makes all of the difference. I encourage anyone who would like to learn or implement PERFEQTA to reach out to me or any member of my team.

Finally, as many who are reading this know, our team has worked tirelessly for over a decade to engineer thought leading technologies for the transfusion medicine field aimed at increasing quality. The reason I am pointing this out, is to reiterate that our commitment to enhancing QC/QM/QA has never been stronger and “Quality is in PERFEQTA’s DNA.”

Originally posted to LinkedIn on March 9, 2017 – To view original post click here

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