SCL Health lightened their load with PERFEQTA

With PERFEQTA, SCL Health was able to transition from a paper-based quality control process with many opportunities for error, to PERFEQTA’s automated quality control software with built-in error detection. SCL Health eliminated 98% of their manual paper quality control processes and has saved up to 50% of the time they used to spend on manual processes. 

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“The most immense value of PERFEQTA is that after implementation, you’re able to do all of these additional tasks that you didn’t have time for before!”

~ QC Manager, SCL Health


SCL Health The processes of the hospital were on paper, which was slow, and sometimes papers would get lost. With all of these paper documents, an immense amount of record retention and record storage was required. Using offsite record retention companies was expensive and cumbersome and the shuffle of papers from location to location created an error-prone environment.


The PERFEQTA team worked hand-in-hand with SCL Health to automate most of their paper record keeping and quality control process. Where three rounds of QC review were required before PERFEQTA, now only one round of manager sign-off is required, saving the team errors, and up to 50% percent of their daily work hours.

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