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Edmond software company launches bold new document control app


Edmond, OK October 12, 2023

Since 2005, Productive Technologies of Edmond has specialized in building software for the medical, life science, and blood center industries. Their newest product offering “Flow” has three main interlocking functions:

Document Control

Training Management

Competency Assessment 

What can you tell me about Spark/Flow?

Flow in itself is a flexible platform that is built to address complex challenges clients in highly regulated industries face. The platform allows organizations to deal with different aspects of their operations without impacting the way they do work. FLOW starts with a complete QMS solution including document management, change control, CAPA, risk, supplier qualification, equipment management, training, audit, deviation with special emphasis on document and assessment management. It compliments it sister product; PERFEQTA in streamlining daily operations and moving off paper and replacing rigid software. In FLOW, it’s They are a completely new way to interact with content and professional assessments. It is a software that allow you to manage documents and content easily and quickly with almost flow-like motion/use, especially in highly regulated environments such as healthcare, life science, government, and finance to name a few. The platform solves one of the major challenges our clients face regarding connecting documents and content and the required training on processes that reference these documents.


What is QMS and document control software?

QMS in a nutshell is a system (can be paper-based or electronic) to document the overall requirements and responsibilities and actions to ensure that that procedures and policies are followed for effective quality management of the product or service delivered by an organization. It covers all processes of the organization and is of most importance for those organizations that are highly regulated based on the product or service they provide such as healthcare, pharmaceutical, life science, human services, finance, and aviation to name a few.


Document control is generally the core part of any QMS due to the role standard operating procedures play in any regulated organization, where work procedures and steps must be done in specific and measure way to ensure consistency and accuracy throughout the manufacturing or delivery process. Those documents are closely controlled. There are document control software that is sold as standalone and not as part of a QMS. Document control software capture, store and track electronic documents in different format and other files. Some track the complete lifecycle of a document from a document request to making the document effective for use and further changes and new versions. Most document control systems are limited in functionality to address the basic requirement of control. Others are comprehensive and with that comes complexity and the requirement for extensive training and continued education and maintenance.



What makes Flow stand out?

Flow introduces a completely new way of solving complex challenges enterprise face without the complexity the comes with dealing with these challenges using the common methods to lessen the pain associated with these challenges. Our vision is solving problems that truly streamline their workday so it effortless and flowy. We want people to use technology in frictionless way so they get their work done and be happy and content with the results of achieving their duties. We have the majority of QMS features very well covered and effectively used by our customers. One area where we wanted to continue our promise of flexible, simple and compliant is document control, training and assessment.  Flow goes beyond the status quo for these functions. Flow, through new way of harnessing technology and years of working experience in demanding and highly regulated organizations and industries, brings a wholistic approach to consuming documents and content and controlling the complete lifecycle for such these documents, and all workflows for required training, competency assessment and proficiency testing. FLOW has unique and novel methods to do complex tasks in less time and effort with little to no human intervention required. The system was built from the ground up to comply 21 CFR Part 11 and Part 820, GAMP 5 and ISO 13485. Setup, validation, and deployment can be done in days not months or years. Our main standout feature is that we get you into your perfect flow faster and on your terms not ours. Flow continues the tradition of PERFEQTA where we help our clients find their perfect flow across their entire quality and daily operations. FLOW also employs sophisticated AI-based methods to make the collaboration, training and assessment taking simpler, more accountable, and auditable than ever. FLOW is also priced to be a value-driven solution. This means the value derived from the solution will be quickly realized on multiple levels compared to using paper or other products in the market today. We also provide first ever guarantee on implementation time. Our clients know the pain that comes with that. Choosing a QMS system is just the starting point, implementing it across the organization requires herculean efforts from multiple stakeholders and especially the QA and IT department. FLOW makes that a fading memory they will be happy to forget.


When do you anticipate Flow going live?

FLOW is now in Beta by some of the world’s leading healthcare, life science, and financial organizations and will be available for eager clients in the next few weeks. For those that want to get a head start, we encourage them to contact us at


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