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PERFEQTA’s digital transformation software to streamline business processes will digitize and optimize your business operations! By automating your current processes and by eliminating multiple software into one streamlined flow, you’ll experience business outcomes and improve customer experience. Our unmatched experience in QMS and digital transformation since 2005 has allowed us to create digital transformation solutions for companies that meets the workflow needs of business models and organizations to automate processes while staying compliant. 


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What is Digital Transformation? 

Digital transformation is the integration of digital technology into all areas of a business, resulting streamlining business processes to collect data and define work processes.

When asked about factors that influence a business’ decision to implement a digital transformation strategy, nearly half of all organizations cited customer experience and customer satisfaction as their leading influences behind cost cutting and removing outdated processes. Companies that transform digitally are creating customer relationships in this digital age.

Highly engaged customers buy 90% more frequently, spend 60% more per purchase, and have 3x the annual value.

Companies that step onto the road of digital transformation enjoy tangible benefits, such as employee engagement, increased revenue and tracking key performance indicators.

According to the recent Deloitte’s report, companies with higher digital transformation maturity reported 45% revenue growth. And 29% of highly digitized companies reported a positive impact on growth and innovation, while 41% emphasized a positive impact on sales and marketing functions.

The Digitally Conscious Customer

Digital transformation technology has changed consumer habits. Mobile devices, apps, machine learning, automation and digital transformation initiatives allow customers to get what they want at the moment they need it.

What’s more, these new digital technologies have caused a shift in business processes, resulting in a new kind of modern buyer. Today’s consumers are constantly connected, app-native, and expect digital products. Because of the opportunities that rise from using modern technology, customers often rate organizations on their digital customer experience. To remain competitive, businesses must have a digital transformation strategy to meet customer expectations.

Getting started with digital transformation

Digital transformation offers organizations an opportunity to understand the modern-day buyer, engage with them and deliver on their expectations with business processes that greatly improve customer experience.

6 Advantages of Digital Business Transformation

1. Gain Strategic Business Insight

Digital transformation changes the way your company conducts business. With the implementation of digital transformation strategies, comes improved data collection and centralized dashboards where business analytics for streamlining processes. Businesses can then utilize this data to improve and support various initiatives, including product development, marketing, and customer services. For IT leaders, there will be an increase in actionable, real-time analytics which can improve response effectiveness and increase end-user satisfaction. Through the application of analytics, IT professionals, marketing executives and other business leaders can efficiently drive business decisions, placing more powerful and intuitive tools into the hands of business owners. 

2. Protect and Control Data

With the ever-increasing rise of data breaches, data protection is of the utmost importance for many companies beginning the digital transformation process. While some may have reservations about the cloud, the top public cloud providers are held accountable to provide strong security, privacy, and governance features, making it an essential component of any digital transformation. At the end of the day, data security is ultimately the final responsibility of the business. With the digital technology safeguards that are available to protect both on-premises and cloud environments, organizations have no excuse when it comes to safeguarding their data. Increased security is one of the most important outcomes of a successful digital transformation, allowing businesses to easily secure their devices and back up their data should any security disasters occur. 


3. Simplify Business Processes

If your business technology is weighed-down with overly complicated procedures and processes, you’re not alone. A major benefit of any digital transformation, is the streamlining of existing processes to support new business models. For the sake of employee adaptability, it is also important to build these new processes to improve business operations.  

4. Reinvent and Reinvest

A primary focus of digital transformation is to invest in the technology that will better your business processes. Many organizations find themselves retiring or reinvesting in legacy applications, as new business demands arise. By trading legacy systems for scalable, cloud-based technological solutions with streamlined processes, your infrastructure will be specifically designed for repeatable activities according to your business goals. Similarly, spending less capital on maintaining old hardware or outdated systems frees that portion of the budget to reinvest in customer-facing initiatives. Reinventing and reinvesting creates a modern workplace because it helps the business meet customer demands more efficiently, reduce time to market, and maintain better customer service standards. 


5. Modern Collaboration

New technology facilitates collaboration and improved employee experience. This is often a central component of new tech and digital transformations: leveraging programs that enable and enrich employee collaboration from anywhere, on any secured device. New employees adapt quickly in key areas such as cloud-based file sharing, or internal team project sites and focus in more detail to digital transformation. 

6. Productivity as Priority

Modern, cloud-based technology platforms improve an organization’s digital transformation. These platforms minimize disruptions of day-to-day productivity of all employees. Principal analyst and IT leaders spend less time responding to end user requests for password resets or email issues, and more time on discrete steps that promote digital change. Employees also become more productive as they garner new competencies around modern application capabilities. The key to maximizing these digital transformation benefits is ensuring that all employees are properly trained on any new business applications and their full usage. 


What processes can I digitize for my organization?

1. Process Transformation

Process transformation entails modifying the elements of a business’s processes in order to achieve new goals. Most digital transformation leaders engage in a business process transformation when they require a radical update. Undergoing digital transformations will modernize small companies or large enterprise processes, integrate new technology, save money, and better incorporate core systems meeting the status quo. 


2. Business Model Transformation

Many companies are pursuing digital technologies in order to transform their traditional business models. In today’s business world, there are numerous examples of this kind of innovation, from Netflix’s reinvention of video distribution to Apple’s reinvention of music delivery (I-Tunes), to Uber’s reinvention of the taxi industry. 

 By reinventing and adding to their current model for success, corporations can achieve a renovation that leads to significant new opportunities for growth. This is why more companies should be trying to follow a similar path. 


3. Domain Transformation

An area that doesn’t receive a large amount of attention, but which has proven itself to have enormous potential, is domain transformation. New technologies have the ability to redefine products and services, blur industry boundaries, and foster opportunities for non-traditional competitors. This form of wholesale transformation offers incredible opportunities for businesses to create new value. 

 An excellent example of how domain transformation works is the case of the online retailer, Amazon, which expanded into a new market domain with the launch of Amazon Web Services (AWS). Currently, AWS is the largest cloud computing/infrastructure service provider in the world, in a sector that was previously dominated by high-profile behemoths Microsoft and IBM. 

 All businesses undergoing a digital transformation should be mindful of the new opportunities for domain transformation that present themselves with the incorporation of new technology. 


4. Cultural/Organizational Transformation

A successful digital transformation demands more than just updating technology or redesigning products. If an organization fails to align its digital transformation efforts with its internal values and behaviors it can have a knock-on effect on an organization’s culture. 

 Negative repercussions range from slow adoption of digital technologies to loss of market competitiveness and inevitable failure of the initiative and lost productivity and revenue. On the other hand, a comprehensive and collaborative effort can help shift the culture to understand, embrace, and advance digital transformation. 

PERFEQTA helps eliminate paper, errors, and friction while staying compliant

  • No more document loss or accidental deletion of records 

  • Receive real-time reporting and automatic alerts 

  • Collaborate across campuses with fast, accurate data 

  • Increase your ROI by removing multiple software fees 

  • Dramatically reduce employee task hours by automating SOPs 

  • Deploy changes across your organization, or specific departments quickly 

  • Choose from 4,000 pre-built digital transformation solutions or custom build your own to fit your workflow 

  • Keep your workflow compliant with regulations! PERFEQTA was built specifically to work with regulated organizations

  • 1000+ Digital transformation apps available 


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Breeze through implementation with software experts

  • Work with the Software-as-a-Service experts since 2005
  • Ensure your goals are met and your flow issues are resolved
  • Choose from flexible deployment options and custom timing
  • Solve your organization’s needs with custom-built solutions that precisely solve your organizations’ needs

Just a few QMS apps available

Quality Control

Automatically track all of your QC data and compare against pre-defined criteria. Detect failures immediately with alerts when conditions are triggered, allowing you to make the best decisions based on timely information.

Lab Operations

Easily manage equipment maintenance and calibration while monitoring accuracy, inventory, suppliers and the entire quality control process with PERFEQTA's customizable lab operations software modules.

GxP Operations

Confidently ensure compliance with the FDA’s GMP, GDP, GLP, and GCP guidelines. PERFEQTA chooses to work with highly-regulated organizations, and has been the leading GxP software since 2005.

Industries we strive to impact

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Blood & Plasma
Laboratory Quality Control Software
Healthcare compliant digital solutions
medical equipment quality control management software
Life Sciences
pharmaceutical quality control software

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Top names trust PERFEQTA

md anderson uses PERFEQTA QMS

“After using the PERFEQTA platform, MD Anderson users reported that PERFEQTA made a great impact on their daily operations. They praised PERFEQTA’s intuitive design, flexibility, ease of use and the support from the PERFEQTA team. The platform scored exceptional marks in regard to reliability and the implementation process.”

Laboratory Operations Manager

Laboratory Operations Manager, University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center

Avera Health uses PERFEQTA QMS

PERFEQTA has removed manual paper records and captured required documentation electronically for our blood bank, ensuring compliance with FDA, AABB, CAP and ISO standards. PERFEQTA is responsive to our needs, enabling us to customize Reagent and Blood QC apps quickly, ultimately supporting quality care for our patients."

Dawn Ver Hoeven

Laboratory Operations Manager , Avera McKennan Hospital

Hoxworth blood center uses PERFEQTA QMS

“PERFEQTA is the perfect solution for a regional blood center because it grows with you. We can automate our daily quality control processes, improve efficiency and reduce costs. Hoxworth expects to save 4x our investment in spending in our first year on the platform. Transitioning our team from paper to PERFEQTA has been transformative.”

R. George Wells

Manager Donor Qualification System, Hoxworth Blood Center

Frequently asked questions

What is digital transformation?

Simply put, digital transformation is replacing your organizations’ paper and manual processes with automated ones. Digital transformation uses digital technologies such as AI and ML (Machine Learning) to create or modify business processes, company culture, and customer experiences to meet the ever-changing business and market requirements.

What are the benefits of digital transformation?

After digitizing your processes with PERFEQTA, you’ll experience error reduction, enhanced data collection and validation, data-driven customer insights, a stronger quality management system, and an overall boost in productivity and profits.

What processes can I digitize for my organization?

With PERFEQTA, you can digitize more than just your quality management system. We have application modules for audit management, equipment calibration and maintenance, blood product quality control, document control, competency assessment, nonconformance, risk management and more!


PERFEQTA’s pricing is simple, always ROI-positive, and easy to budget. We will build a customized pricing plan that fits the needs of your organization and you won’t pay for features you won’t use. When you contact us, we’ll reach out on a discovery call to gather the necessary information about your organization’s goals and provide you with a pricing statement on the first call.  

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The PERFEQTA promise

We're confident PERFEQTA will be faster to implement than buying off-the-shelf software or building your own custom solution. We promise to get you up and running on your own environment in days not weeks or months. 

With 99% customer satisfaction, PERFEQTA has grown with the QMS needs of our clients in life science and beyond since 2005. As your needs grow, PERFEQTA grows with you. Schedule a demo for your organization today!

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