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Reporting and business intelligence comes as a standard feature with all PERFEQTA reporting tools and PERFEQTA’s reporting software. PERFEQTA has over 30 chart types, an extensive feature-set, and is capable of handling millions of records without extra effort or additional setup. PERFEQTA’s reporting software can be used for many purposes including data analysis and visualization to solve problems within your company with automated reports and dashboards, marketing data, interactive dashboards, data analytics, financial data, and real time data. They allow you the opportunity of analyzing trends, identifying successful strategies from past campaigns or projects that might work in future ones – all this while being able provide better insight into how things are going internally with process optimization and interactive reports. 

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As the needs of an organization continue to increase, so does its reporting tools. Without proper reporting software tools or systems for managing this information it can become overwhelming and difficult make any meaningful decisions for organizations. In order to ensure that all aspects are accounted for within your company’s enterprise wide reporting efforts you’ll need some sort reporting tools designed specifically around gathering various types reports from across different departments in one place then presenting them according to specific user queries customized by problem area. Examples include a data analytics platform can create reports with real time data that has accurate data.


The world of business is changing faster than ever before. To stay competitive, you need access to the best reporting tools that your competitors are already working with! That’s why every department within an organization should have easy reporting tools at hand so they can discover insights from any report or dashboard right away–especially when making crucial decisions about how best analyze data using PERFEQTA’s business intelligence tool.

Business intelligence and reporting tools are great because they let you create reports, collect data, streamline your reporting process, and allow real time data visualization. You can choose what data to report on and format it how you want! PERFEQTA’s reporting tool designers also allow for real-time interaction so your graphs don’t have any lag time, making everything available across your organization immediately. Plus, PERFEQTA’s reporting software makes eliminating bottlenecks easier than ever before by minimizing them while maximizing uptime.

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Business intelligence that drives results

  • Receive customized visual reports for any combination of metrics
  • Create reports and visual dashboards easily with no setup, data warehouse, data models, or experience building reports
  • Choose from over 30 chart types including Levey-Jennings control charts, executive dashboards, interactive reports, user-defined filters, pivot tables, and an extensive feature set

  • Accommodate millions of records without extra effort or additional setup

  • View and share reports, dashboards, and collaborate based on user roles and permissions

  • Receive real-time reporting and customized automatic alerts
  • Turn findings into actions and actions into positive outcomes, all from one easy-to-use software
  • Be a mobile audit manager with just a few clicks from any device, anywhere – even without internet access!
  • Deploy changes across your entire organization or individual departments quickly and accurately
  • Access PERFEQTA Intelligence from all devices anywhere, just like the PERFEQTA platform, while staying compliant
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Easily transform your business processes with our vetted software experts

  • Work with the Software-as-a-Service experts since 2005
  • Ensure your organization goals are met and your flow issues are resolved
  • Choose from flexible deployment options and custom timing
  • Solve all of your organization’s friction points with one customizable solution
  • Use pre-built solutions or easily build your own according to your schedule and budget
  • Receive unwavering support from software experts if you have questions about your workflow

1000+ Solutions

PERFEQTA is so much more than a laboratory information system! Bring all your work into one data management platform. Replace your paper forms and hard-to-manage software with one solution across multiple departments without compromise and stay in full compliance. 

Move freely knowing your software moves with you

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Regulatory Compliance

PERFEQTA is compliant with HIPAA, FDA 21CFR Part 11 and Part 820, ISO, CLIA, GAMP5 and GxP.

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Real-time QC Monitoring

Receive instant updates of quality control events across equipment, personnel and procedures.

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CAPA and SCAR Integration

Automate CAPA and SCAR processes to save exponential amounts of time.

PERFEQTA QMS dynamic routing

Dynamic Routing

Integrate with over 1500 software tools and systems, including BECS, ERP, MRP, LIS, and CRM.

PERFEQTA QMS offline data capture

Offline Data Capture

Add data to PERFEQTA modules without an internet connection to work from anywhere.

PERFEQTA QMS custom dashboard

Custom dashboards

Keep your highest priority workflow items at the top of your personalized dashboard.

PERFEQTA QMS modification alerts

Modification Alerts

Instantly know if quality assurance procedures are not followed or have been modified.

PERFEQTA QMS automated forms

Automated Forms

Delete every paper form you use daily and replace it with automated software apps.


Network Security Integration

Easily integrate with your existing enterprise network security solution.

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Top names trust PERFEQTA

md anderson uses PERFEQTA QMS

“After using the PERFEQTA platform, MD Anderson users reported that PERFEQTA made a great impact on their daily operations. They praised PERFEQTA’s intuitive design, flexibility, ease of use and the support from the PERFEQTA team. The platform scored exceptional marks in regard to reliability and the implementation process.”

Laboratory Operations Manager

Laboratory Operations Manager, University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center

Avera Health uses PERFEQTA QMS

PERFEQTA has removed manual paper records and captured required documentation electronically for our blood bank, ensuring compliance with FDA, AABB, CAP and ISO standards. PERFEQTA is responsive to our needs, enabling us to customize Reagent and Blood QC apps quickly, ultimately supporting quality care for our patients.”

Dawn Ver Hoeven

Laboratory Operations Manager , Avera McKennan Hospital

Hoxworth blood center uses PERFEQTA QMS

“PERFEQTA is the perfect solution for a regional blood center because it grows with you. We can automate our daily quality control processes, improve efficiency and reduce costs. Hoxworth expects to save 4x our investment in spending in our first year on the platform. Transitioning our team from paper to PERFEQTA has been transformative.”

R. George Wells

Manager Donor Qualification System, Hoxworth Blood Center

The PERFEQTA promise

We're confident PERFEQTA will be faster to implement than buying off-the-shelf software or building your own custom solution. We promise to get you up and running on your own environment in days not weeks or months. 

With 99% customer satisfaction, PERFEQTA has grown with the QMS needs of our clients in life science and beyond since 2005. As your needs grow, PERFEQTA grows with you. Schedule a demo for your organization today!

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