Avera McKennan Hospital & University Health Center

When Avera Health implemented PERFEQTA’s quality control software tools, they experienced such a burst in productivity and quality assurance that they’ve chosen to implement PERFEQTA software for many more of their workflow processes. With accurate data and insightful reports, PERFEQTA has allowed the hospital and university health center to improve the inventory control of reagents, reduce reagent waste, increase productivity, and significantly lower all associated costs, proving the immense value of PERFEQTA’s QMS software tools.

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” PERFEQTA has been very responsive to our needs, enabling us to develop and customize reagent and blood QC apps quickly, ultimately supporting top-notch quality care for our patients.”

~ Dawn Ver Hoeven, Laboratory Operations Manager, Avera Health

About Avera Health

Avera Health is the Midwest region’s most extensive healthcare network.  Within the network are more than 300 care locations in 82 communities including hospitals, primary care clinics, specialty care clinics, long-term care facilities, retirement communities, home medical equipment outlets, and research centers.


The systems Avera had in place were time-consuming, repetitive, and resulted in several friction points, especially with reagents. Their three main goals were to reduce waste, increase control over product inventory, and optimize their pheresis process with improved accuracy and reporting


Avera needed reliable software that provided accurate results and insights from data. Avera Health chose PERFEQTA for blood product quality control and statistical process control per FDA guidelines for platelet pheresis, red cell, plasma and all the derivatives of blood. Avera staff were able to eradicate multiple paper processes and replace them with automated software modules for lot qualification, inventory management, quality control and more. With PERFEQTA, Avera has reduced waste, improved inventory control of reagents, reduced reagent waste, increased productivity, and significantly lowered all associated costs.

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