PERFEQTA travels galaxies beyond your typical quality management system (QMS). PERFEQTA was built with regulated businesses in mind from the ground up and includes over 4,000 ready-to-go business solutions or you can custom-build your own easily. Our goal is to help users cut business friction and achieve perfect flow.

PERFEQTA Oklahoma City

How It Started

Founded by Max Doleh in 2005, Productive Technologies, recognized as the SaaS development experts, quickly grew to be a technological innovator in quality management systems for healthcare, life-science, healthcare, bio-technology, finance and many other highly-regulated industries.

Seeing a need for the ultimate drag-and-drop software that can be customized by highly-regulated industries, PERFEQTA was built on a compliance-rich framework with specialized features to comply with FDA, HIPAA, CLIA, GMP/GLP/GCP/GxP, ISO and other quality control standards with ease.

PERFEQTA headquarters are in the Oklahoma City metropolitan area, with offices around the world.

PERFEQTA’s culture is built on facing difficult industries head-on. Transforming quality management across multiple industries, PERFEQTA’s life-science and bio-technology work have garnered attention from some of the most renown medical and life science organizations from around the globe.

“The goal with PERFEQTA software is to help organizations cut business friction and achieve perfect flow. With expertise in quality management systems and life-science operations since 2005, we choose to take on the most challenging industry in the world.”

- Max Doleh

President and CEO, PERFEQTA

How It’s Going

Due to flexible customization abilities, PERFEQTA is being used today by businesses in a diverse array of highly-regulated industries. Clients like MD Anderson Cancer Center use PERFEQTA’s quality management software and business operations modules to consolidate their multi-campus healthcare processes while maintaining regulation standards. Clients like O’Reilly Auto Parts have implemented PERFEQTA as a covid case management software and have automated processes that have allowed them to reduce their costs significantly across multiple departments.

PERFEQTA is a company about innovating, not imitating. PERFEQTA addresses the root causes of pain in an enterprise and the user is able to address their own systematic flow issues and pain points.

We help YOU build solutions for YOU.

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Industries we strive to impact

quality control software blood banks
Blood & Plasma
Laboratory Quality Control Software
Healthcare compliant digital solutions
medical equipment quality control management software
Life Sciences
pharmaceutical quality control software

Think we can help your industry?

Proud to serve regulated organizations

MD Anderson
National Blood Collaborative
Hoxworth Blood Center
SCL Health

Top names trust PERFEQTA

md anderson uses PERFEQTA QMS

“After using the PERFEQTA platform, MD Anderson users reported that PERFEQTA made a great impact on their daily operations. They praised PERFEQTA’s intuitive design, flexibility, ease of use and the support from the PERFEQTA team. The platform scored exceptional marks in regard to reliability and the implementation process.”

Laboratory Operations Manager

Laboratory Operations Manager, University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center

Avera Health uses PERFEQTA QMS

PERFEQTA has removed manual paper records and captured required documentation electronically for our blood bank, ensuring compliance with FDA, AABB, CAP and ISO standards. PERFEQTA is responsive to our needs, enabling us to customize Reagent and Blood QC apps quickly, ultimately supporting quality care for our patients.”

Dawn Ver Hoeven

Laboratory Operations Manager , Avera McKennan Hospital

Hoxworth blood center uses PERFEQTA QMS

“PERFEQTA is the perfect solution for a regional blood center because it grows with you. We can automate our daily quality control processes, improve efficiency and reduce costs. Hoxworth expects to save 4x our investment in spending in our first year on the platform. Transitioning our team from paper to PERFEQTA has been transformative.”

R. George Wells

Manager Donor Qualification System, Hoxworth Blood Center


PERFEQTA’s pricing is simple, always ROI-positive, and easy to budget. We will build a customized pricing plan that fits the needs of your organization and you won’t pay for features you won’t use. When you contact us, we’ll reach out on a discovery call to gather the necessary information about your organization’s goals and provide you with a pricing statement on the first call.  

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The PERFEQTA promise

We’re confident PERFEQTA will be faster to implement than buying off-the-shelf software or building your own custom solution. We promise to get you up and running on your own environment in days not weeks or months. 

With 99% customer satisfaction, PERFEQTA has grown with the QMS needs of our clients in life science and beyond since 2005. As your needs grow, PERFEQTA grows with you. Schedule a demo for your organization today!

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Want to join a team dedicated to innovating Software-as-a-Service and optimizing the most highly-regulated industries?  

We are currently hiring exceptional people in software development, implementation, compliance, sales and marketing. We also have open positions for interns in the following disciplines: Computer Science, Business, and Marketing.

Email us at careers@perfeqta.io today, and let’s talk!